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Virus and Spyware Removal

Virus and Spyware have become more than just annoying. they can be harmful to your computer and steal your personal information.

We can fix that.

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  • Clean up - Clean up is an anti-clog program. Open the program and click on the clean up button near the top right side. The program will remove temporary internet files and cookies. Clean up will show that it is finished and report the amount of files deleted and the size of the disk space recovered. Click on the close button near the top right and the program will ask if you want to log off, click the no button and clean up is done.

  • Malwarebytes-  Malwarebytes is an antispyware/malware and adware removal program. This program must be run manually (free version) or can be scheduled when purchased. Click on the Malwarebytes icon to open the program and a window will open asking permissions to run the program, click on yes and the program will open. Across he top of the program there are tabs, scanner,  protection,  update, quarantine etc. Click on the update tab, then click on the check for updates button toward the middle left of the page, this will allow the program to check it's home website site for any further virus information. When the update is finished click ok then click on the scanner tab, ensure that perform full scan is chosen, click on scan, then be sure that the c drive box is checked (and any other hard drives installed on you machine)then  click  the scan button. When the program is finished, there may be items in the objects detected they will be listed in red, click on the show results tab then observe the list and check all the boxes on the items, then click remove selected.

  • Anti Virus Program - The anti-virus program installed on every machine is critical to the health of the computer, this program will assist in keeping the computer free of virus and programs that will hijack, slow down, and steal data/passwords from your computer NO MACHINE MAY BE WITHOUT CURRENT ANTI-VIRUS PROGRAM !!!!, Many different Anti-virus program are on the market/available to consumers each has good qualities and some have less then endearing points. Some of the Anti-virus solutions/programs are AVG, Norton, and McAfee. There are other programs and many people will have their favorite.  Assess your needs and install an anti virus that fits but does not try to take over.

  • The Anti-virus program could be set to scan at 3 am every night so the user can leave the computer on at least once or twice per week for a full scan to take place. Over time updated versions will become available and the program may ask you to update, be cautious if you are using the free versions that you do not download and install a paid trial version of the program as it will ask for money and may become annoying.

  • Remember that most time when our computer has become infected it is because we have opened a file, clicked on a link, or downloaded and have run a file or song from a "peer2peer" network sharing. These practices are HIGH RISK and should be avoided.